In order to use Arrow checkout you need to pass in the items from the consumer’s cart. The items field will store the consumer’s choices in a list/array.

  1. Start Adding Items to items Array with the following content

"items" : [
        name : "Arrow T-Shirt",
        quantity : 1,
        image: "",
        price : 19.99,
        description : "Our Special Arrow T-Shirt",
        option : "White",
        extraData : {"variant_id":42069420} //variant_id is required for shopify

Variable (Type)


name (String)

The name of the item

quantity (int)

How much of the item is

image (String)

Image URL (absolute URL)

price (float)

Price of the item

description (String)

A brief description of the item

option (String)

Different choices like color or size

extraData (json) (Optional)

Extra Data