Shipping Method

Arrow get the available shipping methods from each merchant using the javascript data that they pass to Arrow Checkout

1. The shipping field is a list of structures used to store the details of the shipping methods that will be used for the order. Each structure within the list will be populated as shown below:

"shipping" : [
          "title" : "Free",
          "description" : "Arrives 6-9 Sep",
          "fee" : 0.00,
          "fee_display" : "FREE"
          //if country is null it ship to all country
          "title" : "Economy",
          "short_text" : "Eco",
          "description" : "Arrives 4-20 Nov",
          "fee" : 50.00,
          "tax" : 0.07,
          "tax_shipping_incl" : true,
          "country" : "SG" //make this shipping only for singapore
          "title" : "Pro",
          "short_text" : "Pro",
          "description" : "Arrives 17 Des - 7 Jan",
          "fee" : 100.00,
          "tax" : 0.1,
          "tax_shipping_incl" : false,
          "country" : "ID"


Variable (Type)


title (String)

The name of the shipping method

short_text (String) (Optional)

Short name for the shipping method, around 3-4 letters.

description (String)

Description of the Shipping Method

tax (Float)

How much percentage is the tax for the selected shipping (0.1 is 10% 0.05 is 5%)

tax_shipping_incl (Float)

If true shipping will also be taxed . if false only the subtotal of the items will be taxed

fee (Float)

How much the shipping method cost

fee_display (String) optional

The text to show when selecting the fee